Friday, December 23, 2005

Nuclear Power Hypocrisy

It all seems rather ridiculous that there are groups and politicians that oppose any single new nuclear plant being built in the United States. The last nuclear plant that was turned on was in 1996 (Watts Barr, TN). Yet, the only things that we have been putting in to handle the growth are non nuclear power plants. A lot of that has been coal fired plants and we all know that that pollutes the atmosphere and if you want to believe some claims - global warning too.

Yet, I do not see these very same groups oppose or protest China that is going to build up to 30 new power plants in the next two decades. After all, if it is difficult to handle the nuclear waste from a single new American nuclear plant, how much more difficult is it to handle from 30 Chinese nuclear plants? Also keep in mind that China is physically smaller than the United States and with a far larger population thereby resulting in a higher population density.

So, I am waiting for some of these anti nuclear groups to take on the Chinese government's plans. Or is a Chinese life worth less than an American life?


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