Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Herndon Minutemen Up the Ante on Hiring Illegals

I was listening to a local radio station today and it seems that the Minutemen in Herndon, VA that I mentioned in an earlier post have been tracking some of the companies that hire or pick up supposedly undocumented (illegal) aliens and their activities.

They have also been reporting these companies to the IRS and the Vriginia Department of Taxation for possible tax evasion issues.

See here and here for news reports.

On a slightly different note, for those of you that are in the United States on a F-1 visa (student visa), be very careful to remain totally legal in any employment situation. You could easily jeopardize not only your continuted stay as a student, but also future opportunities to become a permanent resident (aka legal immigrant) or legal temporary worker. See this posting and this.


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