Monday, December 05, 2005

Hong Kong marches for Democracy - what does America do?

It appears that somewhere up to a quarter million people thought it worthwhile to make a real statement for their aspirations for real democracy. They decided to march on the streets and show their govenment what they wanted. Keep in mind that all the Hong Kong government has to do is cough and nod their head and the tanks will start rolling down those same streets like they did in Tiananmen Square not too many years ago.

Back then, Bush #1 supported the people of China verbally.

Here's another report.

These people understand that they risk imprisonment and worse and they are willing risk it all for democracy. So, what are the both the Republicans and Democrats doing or saying about it? Not a whole lot. The only thing I could find was this.

If the Democrats really want to show how lacking the President is in the leadership department - even in the international matters, they can take this one to the bank and laugh while doing it. Why am I not holding my breath?


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