Friday, December 09, 2005

American Torture or Not?

A few campaigns back Ross Perot said in response to something about endangered species. He basically said that making sure that a family did not starve was more important than any endangered species.

Not that I want to argue that point but he was just trying to give a practical perspective.

So, lots of people are up in arms about torture by the American government or military forces huh? Absolutely no torture should be allowed or necessary right? No exceptions whatsoever?

Imagine - and it should not be too difficult:

1. Terrorist drives truck from Canada with WMD (take your pick of bio or chemical or nuke).
2. Terrorist goes to NYC, plants it and leaves.
3. FBI catches him with 10 hours to go on the device. They know he knows and they know it is set to go off soon.

Let's not torture him and let hundreds/thousands/millions of New Yorkers die so that we can claim to have never tortured this guy? Really, is that what you want? Are American Citizens in New York worth less than hands clean of torture?


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