Monday, December 19, 2005

Patriot Games - Patriot Act Renewal

Have you been following the whole Patriot Act situation lately? It seems that the President wants it to be renewed permanently in its current form. No more changes or adjustments or deletions. No more questions - Just Do It!

Congress or at least parts of it have proposed changes and adjustments and want the time to discuss them amongst themselves and with the White House. They even proposed a 3 month extension to the Patriot Act as it is right now so that they can have the time to fully evaluate it.

I don't blame them - after all, the Patriot Act was passed when passions were still strong and now it is on the table for passage to be permanent. Unfortunately, this is not a NO BRAINER. There are many issues with the Patriot Act. Even conservative politicians and talk show hosts have serious problems with part of it. That's why it is a wise and good thing to discuss it more before making the decisions for our future generations.

There was less debate and concern with Social Security when it was passed and look at the effects and controversy.

The President unfortunately, is not interested in any discussion about it. He brought it to the public's attention and was almost if not angry when he spoke about it on television the other night. He's trying to do an end run around the politicians that serve us - both Republicans and Democrats that are concerned. If Larry Craig is concerned, many that call themselves conservatives should be concerned as well.

The Governator of California tried a similar tactic. The politicians did not like some of his proposals so he put it on the ballot in a referrendum for Californians to decide. They told him "No, Thanks" in as loud a voice as I've heard. The President in my opinion, is making the same mistake in trying to bring this to the citizenry directly. He doesn't seem to understand that it is the citizenry that brought up many of these concerns with the Patriot Act in the first place. Mr President, your political consultants are leading you down the wrong path sir.

So there we have it. A game of brinksmanship to see who blinks first. Are we that afraid of no Patriot Act existing? The White House should really take what they can get and accept adjustments or a temporary extension and not play political games.

Oh, well - maybe I am wrong and Carl Rove is right on this one. Who knows?


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