Friday, December 16, 2005

House Approves Border Fence

It begins folks.

Whether it will get built is another question but at least passing this bill is quite a shock to me. 700 miles. That's how long it is. More than a 1000 more to go and of course, the Senate and the President. If the anti-illegal-immigration folks would get their act together, maybe, just maybe, this will get through the Senate as well.

You know, when they say that a higher minimum wage will cause people to lose jobs and affect the economy in a huge way it is generally not true. Sure, some businesses don't hire another guy or may even lay off one or two but seldom do they close down the whole show.

Saying that building this fence will cause the closure of companies is the same kind of exaggeration. Unless of course, the majority of their employees are illegal immigrants anyway. In which case, I don't mind a company that has to close because it chooses to flout the law by hiring known illegals. By having less illegal immigrants taking the low paying jobs, the job rates WILL go up if the job really needs to be done. That's basic economics. If the supply is lowered, the price WILL go up until supply matches demand. Of course, demand will go down at a higher price but at least everything will be legal.

Again, I don't expect this to actually get passed AND signed but then.... I have a dream.


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