Sunday, December 18, 2005

What Could US Mexico Border Fence look like?

It seems that President Fox of Mexico doesn't like the idea of an actual fence between his northern border and the United States. How dare the good old U.S. of A even think of resisting or impeding illegal border crossings?

Some have asked what a border fence could look like. Well, I decided to look at flickr to see if there were any examples of what the Israelis put up between themselves and areas which they wanted to stop uncontrolled border crossings.

Here's an example.

I have read descriptions in the news media saying that the US-Mexico one will be a double fence with a road in between. Supposedly they have a few miles of it in San Diego already.

Keep in mind that this dual fence system is not meant to be 100% illegal crossing proof. It is meant to make an illegal crossing much more difficult through various effects.

1. Funnel those that don't want to go over to the ends of the fence.
2. Slow down those that choose to go over at this point. Perhaps slow them down enough that they may be detected and detained.
3. Focus detection in the middle area between the fences so that there are less false alarms and thereby make Border Patrol dispatches to detection zones more fruitful and efficient.
4. Increase the costs in time, money and effort for those wishing to cross the border illegally.

You know in some ways, it is starting to sound like the purpose of putting minefields - not that I would advocate minefields for this purpose - but to a military mind, a minefield is to funnel or channel the opposing force or to slow them down.

Here's an article by a law prof ( no guarantees ) with an interesting opinion about border fences.


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