Monday, February 13, 2006

Atheist Goes To Court Against Priest

It seems that atheists in the United States are not the only ones that try to use the legal system against references about religion.

In Italy an atheist sued a priest for saying that Jesus Christ existed. Yes, you can read that sentence again. His claim is that Jesus Christ didn't exist.

Anyway, the short version is that the Italian court threw the case out and now he wants to take it to the EU Court.

Now that he has his moment of fame, if only he would have the guts to say that Mohammed did not exist. Would the result (if he ever dared to say that) reflect more on him or on certain people that claim to be Muslims?

On a related note, the movie Da Vinci Code looks like it is going to be a success at the box office in less than 100 days time when it will be released. There are quite a few protestors already. Folks, this book is sold under the fiction category in the book stores, not history or religion. The author is not James Frey.


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