Saturday, February 11, 2006

Religious Taboos and Offensive Cartoons

Just as Christians have beliefs about Jesus and find any suggestion that he may have sinned offensive, the world needs to understand that we too have our beliefs and there are some things that are not acceptable to us no matter what your motivation or reasons are.

We believers have been attacked too often for our way of life and practicing what has been preached to us by our teachers. Some of us have been treated as pariahs because we carry this belief in our hearts and we live it. Many have gone to jail because we do not just profess it but we protect and cherish it. Some of our faithful have died doing their duties as our religion has taught us to do - to share with the world what the real truth is.

It doesn't matter to us even if you attack us yet again for our beliefs. It will only make us stronger and we will work harder to teach you a lesson that we cannot be defeated and we will crush you and your pathetic crusade. It is time for the whole world to realize that some things cannot be beaten out of us and there is a higher power that will expose the infidels for what they really are. We will continue to worship and pray to our god and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Do not abridge our religion - Freedom of The Press.
For the impaired, the above is just to make you think.


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