Saturday, February 11, 2006

Side Effect of Immigration

Here in Virginia, a bill was rejected in the state senate. Basically it was meant to allow one business to sue another if the latter used illegal immigrants.

The bill is dead but the idea is interesting.

If I am an owner of a business and I have competition that is breaking the law and using resources they should not be using and is not legally available to the rest of us, it is obviously not a level playing field. He chooses to break the law by utilizing or obtaining illegal immigrants to work for him. If I choose to obey the law in this competition, I could very well lose in the marketplace and be forced to close down my company and laying off my legal citizen and immigrant employees. I guess there is no justice after all. I guess it teaches our children that staying fair and playing clean doesn't help you win when the other side can cheat and lie their way to success.


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