Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mexicans Shooting at US Border Patrol Over National Boundary

This story will get you upset because not only does the United States have to put up with 11 to 14 million illegal immigrants with 100,000 or more coming across the border each year, it also has to put with the the "It's OUR RIGHT" attitude that the Mexican government and the illegal immigrants take.

Well, to show that some of them further do not believe that there is even a border, they think it is fine to shoot at Border Patrol agents who are doing their job. No wonder some call this an invasion. First they cross over and if you resist, they shoot at you.

You know, I can just imagine how much those Border Patrol agents that were fired upon might wish for some of their fellow Americans serving in the US Army overseas could have assisted them. Some night vision equipment would have been nice. Oh, since you're used to being shot at, why not sign on as backup? Don't forget to bring the Apache just in case those guys decide to start shooting at us again - especially at night.


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