Sunday, January 08, 2006

President Pushed Renewal of Unchanged Patriot Act

The President of the United States just doesn't get it. The Patriot Act as it was originally written does not address the issues that so many Americans find uncomfortable. The hardest thing to believe is that he wants it made permanent AS IS. You would think that he would have gotten the message to compromise on this piece of legislation would have gotten through to him but it apparently hasn't. This President just does not have the political capital to push through this kind of position. His rating is lower than any other president going back to Eisenhower in their 6th year of Presidency. Even Bush #41 and Clinton had higher ratings and he wants to shovel this through the system?

Although I don't necessarily agree with they guy, Sensenbrenner has more and better points than I have on this issue.

The President needs to understand this one quick. I'm starting to wonder if he has the capacity to do so.


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