Saturday, February 11, 2006

The KKK was bad enough but this...

The KKK was famous for burning crosses and being racist and some would say close to terrorist tactics to promote and enforce their view on the rest of the community.

In a wonderful show of intolerance, some that profess the faith of Islam thought it a wonderful idea to burn a consultate and an embassy over what their free press decided to print. Yes, the cartoons.

According to Islam, they do not appreciate any pictures of Mohammed or any religious historical prophets/dieties that they share in common with Judaism and Christianity. I wonder if that means that a depiction of Christ on the cross would upset them enough to burn a church or two. Oh, wait, they don't have churches in most of those countries do they. So much for tolerance from those Islamic states.

Go to the BBC for a great explanation from an objective viewpoint.


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