Monday, February 13, 2006

TX Deputy Sheriff's Wife Threatened By Mexicans

It appears that deputy sherrifs and the wife of another deputy sherrif was threatened with death by drug smugglers and/or Mexican military that were supporting them.

State and federal officials are investigating death threats against Hudspeth County sheriff's deputies and their families that local officials believed are tied to a recent standoff on the Texas-Mexico border.

Chief Deputy Mike Doyal said Wednesday that two deputies and the wife of third officer were warned that they should "stay off the river" or they and their families would be killed.

Unfortunately, the Border Patrol is not equipped nor trained to deal with a potential enemy that has Humvees with mounted 50 caliber machine guns. It really doesn't matter if they were drug smugglers, ex Mexican military or smugglers dressed up as military or corrupt actual military. When a foreign force crosses the borders and threatens your citizens, you cannot pretend that it didn't happen. Now the terrorists know where to go to get help if they want to come into the United States without too many problems. May I suggest that we occasionally make available some well experienced military from Iraq to assist our fine men of the Border Patrol and law enforcement near the border? My I suggest that they be a crew that knows how to use a AH-64 since the opposition is now armed with 50 caliber machine guns.


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