Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Example of Power Corrupting?

It appears that sometimes those in authority and have direct power over the general citizenry may be tempted to use the law against the citizenry just because they feel like it. Call it selective enforcement as you can see with this case.

In this case the law enforcement authorities were investigating a seperate case. They question the father of the suspect and he basically tells them to get lost - he doesn't want to talk to them as is his civil right. They don't arrest him or anything at that time because he has not broken any laws - just refusing to talk with them. He has a sticker on the side of the house that informs everyone that the location is recorded with video and audio.

At least one of the detectives at his front porch gets rude with him and it all gets caught on tape. The man later files a complaint about that detective and brings the video tape as evidence. They react by filing charges against him for recording a conversation with a law enforcement official.

You tell me if how the law was applied in this case was right or wrong. I wish the ACLU would step in but I don't think they will.


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