Monday, March 20, 2006

Cops Using Steriods

This one is a little bit outdated but I thought I would talk about it anyway. It seems that back in February AP carried a story about cops using steroids. The danger is that the steroids were not prescribed by doctor - they were self medicating. The problem with this sort of use of steroids by law enforcement whose intentions were probably noble crosses into areas we generally don't think about.
Steroids can make a person aggressive. It can hinder your judgment and you can make mistakes. Now one at least one officer that has taken steroids has said in the article that he wanted to be strong and fast so that he would improve his chances of survival in a violent encounter. I would want to survive too and such encounters. Wouldn't you?
Law enforcement has a responsibility to society that is extremely difficult. It has to make good judgments in many situations. It is granted the power to use deadly force when the situations require it. However, when some minority in the police force decide that they want to take steroids that can affect their judgment and aggressiveness I have to wonder whether it is a good idea for a man trained to use a gun to stop someone with deadly force to be on medication of that type.
The other problem with it is that it's a form of hypocrisy is the cops take drugs illegally or trying to enforce laws regarding illegal trafficking and use of drugs. How will this reflect on them since we teach our children to respect officers?
This is a serious problem and it exists nationwide if you believe the reports.


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